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Cumnor parish is situated 3–4 miles southwest of Oxford and is divided into four wards: Cumnor Village, Cumnor Hill, Dean Court and Farmoor.

There are around 2700 dwellings in the parish and around 7000 residents, about 4800 of whom are registered electors. About 75% of the area of Cumnor parish is farmland.

Cumnor Parish Council has begun the process of developing a Neighbourhood Plan, which is a way for communities to influence their local area. The plan can cover where housing should go, its design and density, but can also cover much more than housing. It can be used to protect green spaces, identify and protect heritage assets, identify which community assets should be protected and enhanced, and address important infrastructure issues. A public consultation will run from Monday 14 November for 4 weeks. This is the first step towards a Neighbourhood Plan, and this consultation only relates to the area that the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has chosen to be included in the plan. You can see this consultation by following this link

This process is driven, developed and formed by the local communities and is reliant on volunteers. If you would like to get involved in any way please contact the Parish Clerk.

Cumnor Neighbourhood Area Consultation Notice

Cumnor Area Designation Map

For detailed maps and information about the history of Cumnor parish, please visit the Cumnor Parish Record website.
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