Our first big piece of work has been to undertake a set of Character Assessments.  A huge thank you to the 16 volunteers who came along to our initial session led by Dr Kathy Davies, a local heritage planning consultant, who expertly took us through how to use the Oxford City Council's toolkit.  They researched maps through the ages, went out and about, took photos, made notes and delved into the history of their chosen areas.

They have drafted a set of Character Assessments that contain a significant amount of local knowledge and detail.  For those that are maybe new to the Parish or the history of the area, there is some fascinating detail, for example the site of Blind Pinnock's Alehouse, the origin of the name "Songer's Close", the history of the tramline that went from The Hurst down to the bottom of Denman's Lane, and for those of you interested in Farmoor's Jurassic past, even the location of the Mammoth's tooth that was found at Farmoor during it's construction in 1967.

Dr Davies has kindly agreed to draft our overall Character Assessment, and once this is complete we will upload all of the documents to the website for comment and feedback.

Whilst we are finalising these, we are kicking off two other activities - our Cumnor Parish Big Survey and the Local Green Spaces Assessment. The “Cumnor Parish Big Survey” is a survey that will go to every household in the Parish (currently about 3,000 dwellings). We now have a draft questionnaire, and we aim to distribute this in the Autumn.Our second activity is our assessment of Local Green Spaces. Cumnor has several dedicated parks and play areas, but also has a number of smaller open spaces that the community might feel is important to enhance and protect for future generations. To read more about what we have been doing in July/August click here for our August Newsletter

To find out more about our Neighbourhood Plan please follow this link to our website www.cumnorneighbourhoodplan.co.uk